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We specialize in quality green Arabica coffee beans, roasted coffee beans and Orthodox teas from Kenya.

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Our green coffee beans are ranked amongst the finest in the world, grown by small scale farmers in Central & Western Kenya. The soil in these areas is very acidic, giving the coffee a bright color, one that is distinct in our coffee. Kenyan coffee is well known around the world and is noted for its sharp, fruity and sometimes lemony or citrus flavours. The aroma of this coffee can vary from fruity when lightly roasted and stronger caramel aroma for dark roasts.


Kenyan teas are 100% natural and completely free of additives, artificial coloring, and preservatives. This is mainly because of the tea variety grown in the country and the fact that tea gardens in Kenya are situated in high altitude areas that range between 1 500 – 2 700 meters above sea level, making the teas less prone to diseases and pests. Unlike other parts of the world, the majority of Kenya’s tea is hand picked and then only the finest top two leaves and the bud are picked, explaining why our teas are in the premium range.

We believe in ethical trade

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