Coffee is a drink enjoyed in many parts of the world. As there are many species, varieties and strains, classification of the coffee plant can be very complicated. Today, commercial coffee is from two main species, “coffea arabica” and “coffea canephora” (Robusta).

Kenyan coffee is predominantly of the Arabica species. Coffee in this country is mainly processed using the “wet-process” method, which involves two distinct fermentation stages and a long soaking stage to produce green coffee beans.

Our green coffee beans are ranked amongst the finest in the world, grown by small scale farmers in Central & Western Kenya. The soil in these areas is very acidic, giving the coffee a bright color, one that is distinct in our coffee. Kenyan coffee is well known around the world and is noted for its sharp, fruity and sometimes lemony or citrus flavours. The aroma of this coffee can vary from fruity when lightly roasted and stronger caramel aroma for dark roasts.

Grading of coffee beans is strictly regulated by the Coffee Board of Kenya, ensuring a narrow and consistent range of flavours from the country. Our coffee beans are of the AA and AB Arabica grade and sourced directly from a family-owned mill in the western part of Kenya. Our miller serves up to 4000 farmers in the Kiisi, Nyamira and Nyanza region. Where they currently process their coffee for sale in the Nairobi Coffee Auction. For us quality, traceability, ethical pricing, and sustainable agriculture in the communities we work in is key and is an attribute that is in turn shared by the millers we work with. We go out of our way to work directly with small groups of farmers and co-operatives, to promote a direct market and hence better and fair pricing for quality produce. We are also strongly engaged in community projects that promote and enrich the welfare of women and youth within the coffee industry.

We are able to supply both green coffee beans, roasted beans & beans ground to your specifications. At the moment none of our coffee is organically certified due to the high costs associated with this exercise, a cost that would be too high for the farmers to undertake. We are however working hard to facilitate organic certification of our coffee.

When you purchase our coffee beans both green and roasted you pay an ethical price that benefits the Kenyan coffee farmers and millers that process their coffee, helping to promote sustainable agricultural practices and sustainable growth in their communities.

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Our Coffee Varieties

Blend of SL 28 & Ruiru 11


AA (Savannah Nordica Premium Coffee)
Dark Roast
Medium Roast

AB (Savannah Nordica Premium Coffee)
Dark Roast
Medium Roast

Green Coffee Beans

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