Purple Orthodox Tea

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Purple Orthodox Tea is a new tea variety that has been developed in Kenya and is only grown in the country. The tea gets its name from its purple leaves. This tea is grown in select tea gardens in Meru & Aberdare Ranges

Weight: 60 g or 125 g

Brewing tips: Infuse 1 teaspoon (2g) for 3-5 min. in 150 ml water that is around 85 C

Characteristics: Low in caffeine, moderately light tea, pleasant earthy taste. It has a purple tint that intensifies with an added squeeze of lemon or lime. Grown at an altitude of between 1,600 – 1,800 m above sea level

Health benefits: High in antioxidants, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, improves cardiovascular health

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Weight 125 g

60 g, 125 g

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